Review: Sinestro #7

sinestro coverThis series already on the eighth issue, and perhaps more troubling, it is also on its second crossover into other comics, the first being Futures End and this issue representing the second tie-in to Godhead.  As a comic reader I tend to give comic crossovers the same consideration as I do series, and so I will only buy into a crossover if I really am interested in it, not just as an exercise to complete a story tied-in to a series that I am following.  In my case, Godhead was not as interesting to me, and so with this being the only cosmic title that I read from DC, it was bound to be choppy in parts for me.  At its best then, this issue would have to have some qualities of standing on its own, but if this is the case, then this issue does not come up to the necessary standard.

First the good though, as there were some redeeming moments in this issue.  Sinestro is almost completely exactly in character, as his sneaky and manipulative best.  As he teases and toys with Bekka throughout the issue, he has other concerns with the gathering of the other Lanterns, namely trying to get them organized in some way to achieve some kind of counterattack.  It is here where the issue kind of falls apart, as almost every other character from the various Lantern titles is reduced to a punchline for Sinestro’s condescension.  As John Stewart argues with him, he almost agreed with him that he is not a capable leader for the Corps, despite that being a role that he performed admirably on numerous occasions.  So too is Soranik reduced to dealing with a reaction from friends that is out-of-character for almost everyone involved.

In the end there are a few neat plot developments in this issue, but the characters are so off-the-mark that it ends up being a distraction from the series, instead of supplementing it.  As is always the case, when a story’s characters fail then it is up to the plot to carry through, but it ends up being too little and too late to redeem the story here, especially as a sizable part of this issue was eaten up by action sequences which did not move the plot along.  Perhaps given the right opportunity and fewer tie-ins to the other titles, this series might stand a better chance to establish its anti-hero in the titular role, but as of now, the lack of focus on this series as an independent story is hurting it.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Ethan Van Sciver
Story: 6.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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