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Bryan Talbot’s Metronome, Exclusive Digital Version on Sequential

Sequential, the graphic novel app for iPad, has announced the digital release of Metronome, the 64-page experimental graphic novel by comics legend Bryan Talbot.

Metronome was created by Bryan Talbot in 2008 under the pseudonym of Véronique Tanaka. It is a stunning, ‘silent’, erotically-charged visual poem; an experimental non-linear story using a palette of iconic ligne claire images. Symbolism, visual puns and trompe l’oeil conspire in a visual mantra that could be described as ‘existential manga’ if it wasn’t for the fact that there is an elegantly-structured and very human tale of a doomed relationship providing a solid foundation to the cutting-edge storytelling.

This brand new digital edition of Metronome is exclusively available on Sequential and is just $1.99 / £1.49 for a limited time only. The digital version can be read in three different ways – page by page, panel by panel, or in a continuous column – and features an animation of the whole of Metronome, showing each panel a second at a time, as well as interviews with Véronique Tanaka and Bryan Talbot.

Bryan Talbot is a critically-acclaimed UK comics writer and artist whose works include The Tale of One Bad Rat, Alice in Sunderland, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, and the Grandville series. He is also the co-author of Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, the first graphic novel to win the Costa Biography Award.

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