Review: Robyn Hood #4

robyn cov 004It seems to be all too often that in the build up to a series, that it will be marketed as “a great jumping on point.”  That is the case here with Robyn Hood, and the slogan actually works, only that what is being jumped onto still feels like a work in progress.  As Robyn tries to settle into a regular life, she is confronted out-of-nowhere by Britney, also known as Red Riding Hood in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, and the two head out to battle a cult of vampires who have decided that it is that specific night that they will take to the streets.

While the story is a bit mundane, it does live up to being called a good jumping on point.  As the two heroines head out into the city they have already been established in who they are and what they have been doing and who they know.  Due to the ambiguous nature of being roommates with a lesbian witch, Britney even asks if Robyn and Marian are a couple.  In all the catching up with the characters is handled well, but the story doesn’t really match up to it.  As they end up in the battle with the vampires, things play out somewhat routinely and there are little real surprises here.

rob cov 004 aThe end result is not entirely bad, it avoids some of the overly convoluted stories of the main series which try to tie in differing plot points from fairy tales, literature, legend and mythology.  Instead this issue focuses on a slice of this universe and that helps to make it easier to enjoy, by keeping its attention where it needs to be.   The series also uses Britney Waters, who is one of the most underused characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe (and really deserving of her own ongoing if Robyn has one) and it employs her here not just as backup but as an equal which does her character justice.  At the same time, comic fans, and especially those outside of regular Grimm Fairy Tales readers will probably find little going on here that they haven’t seen or read before.  The characters have a decent depth, but nothing new, and the plot isn’t particularly fresh either.  This is a fine attempt to get some new fans into the Grimm Fairy Tales stories, but still a little short of the mark despite using two of its more approachable characters.

Story: Pat Shand Art: Tony Brescini
Story: 6.7 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.7 Recommendation: Pass

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