Review: Purgatori #3

purg-03-covPurgatori’’s Dynamite adventures are already at the third issue, but the character and the series are still very much looking for some kind of definite direction.  The first issue re-introduced the character, the second took a turn into a lot more gore without really advancing the plot, and in the third … she becomes Indiana Jones?  After the events of the previous issue, Purgatori convinces Jade that in fact she does know where the artefact is that Jade is looking for.  After an inexplicably short time they are in Egypt trying to find the lost item, and find their way into a temple loaded with traps, trying carefully to navigate them so as to make it back out alive.

The issue manages to succeed in a few of ways where it hasn’t succeeded thus far in this series.  Despite the continual focus on the gory aspect of Purgatori’s feeding, this feels a lot more natural in this issue as the character does so out of need, and not in a gratuitous manner.  More so, the character background is fleshed out somewhat, introducing a sub-story involving her as a slave in ancient Egypt.  As the adventure and action unfolds, the series for a few minutes seems to forget what it has been doing thus far, but then again that is probably to the benefit of the story as Jade and Purgatori have to deal with an assortment of dangers in the temple.

The end result is a not entirely coherent issue, but one which is at least a lot more fun than the two which preceded it.  It might be a bit of a cheap trick to get some kind of momentum going in the storyline, but at least it works to a degree as the characters for the first time seem to be living up to their potential.  At the same time after such a weak start to the series it is hard to recommend this issue solely based off on one better issue out of three, but this one ended up being somewhat self-contained and can be appreciated even by itself to a degree.  If the writers had jumped right into the action as it is here, instead of two previous issues, the series might have a different tone.  As it is, it is still a series looking for an identity, but at least finds itself on better footing after this issue.

Story: Aaron Gillespie Art: Javier Garcia-Miranda
Story: 7.6 Art: 8 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.