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Review: Storm #5

storm005-covSo far in this series, the writing team has failed to find one unifying direction for the character, and although this is the second half of a two-part story arc, the same lack of direction continues here.  In the last issue, Storm visited Yukio and found her involved in a strange setup controlling a part of the underworld.  In order to resolve differences among the groups, champions from each group fight against each other.  With this as the setup to this issue, the two champions face off against each other, in a conflict which takes up most of the story here.

Perhaps as the basis for a very rudimentary comic this might work, but this fails to be engaging in any practical way, and really doesn’t do Storm any justice.  The only reason that Storm is here at all is because of a debt to Wolverine, whose death she is still grieving.  While perhaps this is a logical outcome for the character in the story, it makes little sense to the reader, as this grieving ends up with a battle royale with characters that were only recently introduced, and thus ones which the reader has little connection to.  Certain parts are handled well, such as Storm’s characterization and her refusal to bow to Wolverine’s legacy, but this ends up being somewhat off the mark.  After all when any story too closely resembles that of Zombie Tramp in a given month (a battle to the death in the desert outside of Vegas) then there are probably some inherent problems with the concept behind the story.

While the series has been doing a routinely adequate job with the titular character, there have not really been many “Wow!” moments so far in this series, and while it seems to be trying to tell a more organic day-by-day rendition of  Storm, this issue highlights perhaps a need for a balance between the two approaches, with maybe a broader story arc to shake things up a bit and to put some tension in this series.

Story: Greg Pak Art: Victor Ibanez
Story: 5.5 Art: 8 Overall: 5.5 Recommendation: Pass