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Review: Morning Glories #42

MorningGlories42This latest issue of this standout series is one of the intermediaries in the series.  Stuck firmly in the middle of one of the broader story arcs, this issue offers few clues to those interested in the ongoing storyline, but of course is an integral part of the overall experience, as every issues in connected, only the reader still doesn’t know how.  As with the plot development introduced in the previous issues, Casey is being pressured to run for class president, and the disappearance of one of her friends finally provides the motivation for her to reconsider her refusal of that option.  Meanwhile, other groups of characters (mostly grouped in pairs here) move other parts of the plot alone slowly and enigmatically.

This issue mostly focuses on Casey though, and that is to its benefit.  While some issues tend to become a bit lost in themselves, between time jumps and dreamscapes, this issue is at least told in a straight-forward manner, and as it focuses on Casey, the heart of the series, it is a bit more grounded than usual.  With any give there is some take though, and for instance some of the core group barely show up in this issue at all.  Regardless, the strength of the character established in Casey is enough to carry any individual issue, and that is the case here.  By the standards of other issues in this series, relatively little happens, but it is still a fun and easy read, if no better in terms of providing any real answers.

jade001Of course, anyone considering reading this series would be unwise to start here.  The series is as convoluted as any comic series that has ever existed, and the reader would be wise to go back at least as far as the start of the fourth trade paperback but ideally back to the beginning.  Those that have gotten as far as issue 41 don’t need to be told to read this, and those that haven’t started reading this series yet should.  This issue, like any issue after the first one, is not really a good jumping-on point, but this issue at least captures the plot of the series well enough, and those that haven’t been reading might like to pick up this issue to see if the concept interests them so that they can begin backtracking their reading of one of the most interesting comic series in recent years.

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Joe Eisma
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Image provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review