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Review: Punk Mambo #0

pm-covIn recent years among creative minds there has been a trend to combine two or more genres into one story in order to try something a little new.  Sometimes these genres are wildly different, and so we get strange combinations like comedies set in zombie stories, or westerns based in cosmic sci-fi.  This seems to be some of the inspiration for the new series Punk Mambo.  Although punk is not a genre in a literary sense, it definitely is a separate musical style and thus has some of the same qualities which allows genres to be identifiable.  This series aims to combine punk with magic and a bit of superheroism thrown in.

At first glance, this does work to give something new, but it also does make for strange bedfellows.  A teenage girl, Victoria, embraces punk and runs away from home, only to be drawn in by an evil magic user that uses her energy to keep himself young.  Instead of being a victim she learns his magic by watching him until she is powerful enough to escape.  She sets out on a mini-campaign of vengeance against those that wronged her, including those that led her into the trap and the magician himself. In the process there is not only one reference to the movie Sid And Nancy, seemingly so important to punk music that not to mention it would be missing important homage.

On the whole the reading experience is a bizarre one, and the bizarreness is from more than just the influence of the punk.  The protagonist is a weird character to want to root for, and in fact comes off as almost villainous herself at a lot of times.  In terms of comics, this character would fit firmly into the role of anti-hero, but in terms of punk, she does not really reflect well on the sub-culture very well at all.  This one-shot is maybe worth it for someone that is interested in the novelty of trying something different, or perhaps someone that is interested in the new addition for the Valiant universe, but mostly this issue doesn’t live up to its potential.

Story: Peter Milligan Art: Robert Gill 
Story:  6.5  Art: 7.0 Overall:  6.5 Recommendation: Pass

Valiant provided a copy to Graphic Policy for review

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