Review: Ghost #9

Ghost 009My first exposure to the character of Ghost was the Project Black Sky Sampler which was released in October.  After reading through the collection of first issues for the main characters in the shared universe, I was only really impressed by Ghost as a character, and so now this was the first chance to read her story monthly since this exposure.  Interestingly enough, this issue bills itself as a great starting point for new readers.  Since my return to regular comic book reading two months ago I have seen this a lot on a lot of issues, as a sort of cheap trick to entice in new readers.  I am not sure if it is the case here, but the story is not overly complicated anyway.  Having read the first issue, it is easy to pick up the gap, even if these are the only two issues that I have read thus far in the series.

Ghost has her memories back, and more.  Now fully comprehending her power she decides to seek out those that she knew in her previous life.  Going to visit her former best friend is an interesting mix of emotions as she is hesitant to expose herself to her after her friend has already grieved her supposed death.  While still working on this though, she sees her friend about to become abducted in a sex slave ring, and without being seen she intervenes.  This is a nice lead-in, not only into her past but also into her future as a superhero and how she plans to use her powers.

The end result is pretty good.  The main character is still being fleshed out in terms of background, but the struggle that she has with her ethics over visiting her friend plus the decision about her new career as a superhero work well to the character development for the series protagonist.  Add in some decent and fun action as she sets out on her first mission as well as a contemporary enough emphasis on her heroics, and the issue ends up fitting together nicely.  As a standalone issue it works by itself, and so it lives up to the claim of being a good starting point, and anyone at all interested in this series that has been putting off reading it might want to start here.

Story: Chris Sebela Art:  Harvey Tolibao
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review

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