Darth Vader for Ukraine Parliament

The Ukrainian Internet party’s Darth Vader addresses a party congress in KievThe Ukraine currently sits at the center of a potential flashpoint that could easily escalate into a global conflict. Darth Vader has stepped into the political arena in hopes to save his country, among other issues. Darth Alekseyevitch Vader (we’ve also seen it spelled Alekseyevich) is running as part of the Ukraine’s parliamentary elections as part of the Internet Party. Also running as part of the platform is Stepan Chewbacca.

Vader lives up the name, dressed in full costume, and a black campaign van which he calls “his helicopter.” He’s so hardcore he legally changed his name to Darth Vader. The electrician was previously known as Viktor Shevchenko.

Vader has a few goals:

  • Expel all deputies when he gets to parliament and computerize all government business
  • He’ll win the war against separatist rebels in the east, though also plans to withdraw government troops (we think he’ll use Sith or Bounty Hunters. No disintegrations!)
  • He will reclaim the Crimean Peninsula (see above on we guess he’ll achieve this)
  • Build a military space station to protect the Ukraine

Vader never shows his face, which prevented him from voting in May’s presidential elections. Election workers said he was violating voting rules.

Pollsters predict they they have little chance of getting into parliament.

And the announcement video from March:

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