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Review: Godzilla Cataclysm #3

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dave Wachter have been doing a wonderful job of crafting an epic, sprawling storyline with Godzilla Cataclysm thus far. The idea of exploring the classic Godzilla monsters as religious deities is a fascinating one that gives great weight and grandiosity to the plot. Additionally, the visuals have established an incredibly compelling ominous and dreary tone. The newest issue, #3, is the weakest yet, thanks to a more slow, plodding pace and some repetition, but it is still another enjoyable chapter of this awesome series.


Much of this issue is filled with dialogue that adds to the overall beat of the religious angle to the monsters. The characters of this comic get more frantic and scared, all of which is interesting despite feeling a little overly reminiscent of past issues. The past of the old-wise-man archetype is teased a bit more, smartly creating an exciting sense of mystery. While there isn’t really any tense build-up, action eventually shows up towards the latter half and excites just like in past issues.

The intimidating, giant monsters still pop off the page and still seem to move thanks to how dynamic the art looks. The colors of the monsters pose big contrast to the typically mute color scheme of the rest of the comic, creating the same neat effect of past issues. Most of the new action is fresh and interesting, this issue focusing on “Megaguirus,” a massive, winged bug with a ton of limbs and an army of smaller buddies backing him up. The flying menaces fill up the pages, and whenever Megaguirus clashes with Mothra, huge, explosive collisions ensue. It’s excellent stuff, even though a few panels look just like work from past issues.

Not enough new ground is touched upon in the latest issue of Godzilla: Cataclysm, but all of the essentials for this series are definitely present.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Dave Wachter
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.25 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Buy

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