BOOM!/KaBOOM!/BOOM! Box/Archaia Comics We Want on TV

2014 BOOM! LogoLast week it was announced that BOOM! Studios had signed a first look deal with 20th Century Fox TV. There’s a chance we’ll begin to see some of BOOM! (and their imprints KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box, and Archaia) comics come to the small screen.

We’re big fans of the publisher and thought it’d be nice to help Fox choose some comics to turn into television shows. Here’s 11 (cause we go to 11) that’d be awesome (and there’s so many more to choose from). In no particular order…..

Black Market – One of the company’s newest releases, it deals with the fact that the cure for numerous diseases might reside in the blood of superheroes. This is the story of the guy, and his criminal brother, who work on making that happen. Two issues in it’s interesting, and the slight teases of the heroes will keep the budget down. This is a morality tale with some great character focus.

Day Men – Fox was ahead of its time with Kindred: The Embraced, a vampire television show based off of White Wolf’s World of Darkness. Day Men focuses on the human staff that deal with the day to day dirty work.

Evil Empire – Most stories start with the evil government already in power. This is the story about how it gets there. With the 2016 Presidential election coming up, this would be a perfect time to get a pilot going on this one.

Hacktivist – Speaking of timely stories… this one has Anonymous actually being the founders of a Facebook like company and dealing with revolutions in the Middle East. Maybe it’s too close to reality?

Hexed – A female thief that deals in the occult underground. Pair this with Sleepy Hollow (now a BOOM! comic series!) and you have an awesome two hour block full of diversity.

Imagine Agents – I really want this to be a Pixar like animated movie. The story involves agents who deal with the real creatures that we think are our imaginary friends. The series was adorable, and I just want more and more. This would definitely be best as an animated series.

Lumberjanes – Did you not expect this to be on the list? A bunch of girls at camp dealing with weird mysteries? Yes please! This feels like it could be The X-Files for the tween set, but I’ve seen the fans at comic conventions, it’s diverse. Forget television, I see big time franchise here.

Suicide Risk – A cop gains super powers, and there’s a whole lot more to it. Police procedurals always seem to do well in television, just stretch that part of the story out for a bit, then there’s a nice shift when your audience might begin to tune out.

The Empty Man – Speaking of police procedurals…. In this case it’s a cult meets disease aspect and the team is an FBI agent and a CDC agent. This also could do well paired with Sleepy Hollow. Take in the fact everyone is freaking out about diseases now, and you’ve tapped into the zeitgeist.

Thomas Alsop – Thomas Alsop fights spirits and protects Manhattan. He’s also a television celebrity. The potential here with some awesome meta/synergy is wide open. If Constantine is a hit on NBC, this is their answer.

The Woods – So this has an entire school being transported to an alien world. Lots of mystery. Lots of creepiness. Can we get this and Lumberjanes paired up for a two hour block? We’re even programming for you!