Here’s the Type of Thing We Should Really Be Angry About

For the past week, comicdom has been all worked up over the hashtag of #firerickremender. The hashtag was sparked over a misconception of whether statutory rape occurred (it didn’t) as well as other grievances built up during the writer’s runs on various comics.

With this particular example of hashtag activism, we have been distracted (hopefully temporarily) from very real issues that remain in the comic book industry. Case in point, the below Tweet posted by a self-declared leader of comic retailers making a joke about rape.

Can we move past the argument of a timeline in a comic book, and actually focus on the very real misogyny that pervades the industry still? Change for the positive has been occurring in small increments, but as the below shows, we have a long way to go.

larry rape tweet


  • Where’s the misogyny? Do you know what that word means? You don’t have to like the word “rape” used in the context of a joke, that’s fine, but do you really want to cast aspersions on the morality of someone making a joke that uses words you’re uncomfortable with? Is that really the world you want to live in?

    • Making light of rape is not funny and shouldn’t be used as a joke, especially in an industry that some women feel is hostile towards them. Reread how misogyny is used in the post. It refers to the industry as a whole, not this one particular instance which jokes about a serious subject.

    • And I’m fine living in a world where people are free to say what they want, but aren’t free from the consequences of such statement. One is free to be an asshole. But isn’t free from being called out on it or being censured for it.

  • It would be cool if you could just name and shame Larry of Larry’s Comics. That guy is garbage.

    • Been done many times on the site. Just search for Larry and a few posts will pop up. Wasn’t the point of this post though. And let’s face it, it won’t be long before he puts his foot in his mouth again.

  • You equating a man joking about being raped with misogyny is as bad as the “joke” is. Men can be raped, too. The comment was incredibly insensitive, certainly, but there’s nothing inherently misogynistic about it.

    • Again reread it. I said there is misogyny in the industry. Yes, men can be raped too. But, that wasn’t the discussion that was being had over the past week in the industry. In fact that aspect was overlooked and generally dismissed.