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TV Review: Heroes of Cosplay Episode #1.12 Wizard World New Orleans Part 2

pKsnTQ8ycvg.market_maxresHeroes of Cosplay’s second part of Wizard World New Orleans is the team competition of the convention. This convention focuses not just on costumes for the judging in the team competition, but a skit is also required.

The previous episode set up a lot of what we’re seeing this episode, but what’s interesting is how so disorganized everyone is. Everyone is either rushing to finish their costumes, or trying to figure out their skit. The amount of chaos and lack of solid planning is pretty staggering.

What’s also interesting is Yaya Han’s being out of her comfort zone. She’s decided to have her character on stilts, and to see her not having her shit together is actually refreshing.

Chloe, Holly, and Jessica also are putting together a twisted Peter Pan, and their carefree attitude is interesting. As Chloe said “we’re doing it live.” There’s so many factors in their skit they don’t know, it’s amazing these “professional” cosplayers aren’t doing more to get the answers to the questions they don’t know.

The thing that really stuck out to me the entire episode is how not together everyone is. For much of the series, from the first episode, there’s been a theme of how difficult all of this is to get together and do. It’s this episode where we finally see that’s the case.

This is the episode we really see the human side of many of the individuals, to the point some break down crying for their accomplishments. What’s more important this season is that the episodes have shifted from some of the cosplayers that were showing more T&A in the first half, and instead focusing on more about the costumes, the art, the creation, and the competition.

This second half, of the “first” season, the series has gained it’s voice, moving away from the sexual nature of some cosplay, and instead showing us more of the art and imagination of it all.

Overall Score: 7.5