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TV Review: Heroes of Cosplay Episode #1.11 Wizard World New Orleans

pKsnTQ8ycvg.market_maxresHeroes of Cosplay’s fifth episode of the second season takes us to Wizard World New Orleans where there’s not just one, but two different cosplay competitions. One is the normal that we see, and the other is a group competition. In this episode is folks we’ve seen before this season, with ideas ranging from a twisted Peter Pan, the video game Soul Caliber, and the comic Haunt. It’s a great mix of inspiration.

As with every episode, getting some insight into how all of the costumes are put together, and this one in particular shows off some of the decision-making process and how good ideas some times don’t work out.

The competition is impressive, in that there’s not only some fantastic costumes, but the crowd looks huge. I’ve never attended a Wizard World, but this definitely piqued my interest in checking one out.

The episode covers the individual competition, as this is just a first part, so it’ll be interesting how they fill the next episode with the group competition. The decisions weren’t too shocking, and everyone picked were some impressive costumes. And there’s a lot of folks and awards.

Overall, this isn’t the strongest episode, but it definitely had enough to keep folks interested in cosplay entertained.

Overall Score: 7