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TV Review: Heroes of Cosplay Episode #1.9 Animate! Miami

pKsnTQ8ycvg.market_maxresHeroes of Cosplay’s third episode introduces us to two “new” individuals to the series, two more guys, one Carl, from Austin and one from Queens, Miguel as they head to Animate Miami.

As always, the episode is fascinating to see everything going into putting together these amazing costumes, but what’s especially interesting here is the two new individuals, and how they are reacted to by our usual cast of characters. So far this season has been very much focused on the positive community aspect of cosplay, so seeing that played out here is of special interest to me.

Also, this episode has Chloe depict a new character Sara, a city elf archer, from Dragon Age Inquisition, her cosplay actually affecting the design of the video game character. To see that, and the thought about how the character designs might impact each other gives us a peek into an interesting aspect of the video game industry.

This episode also features prejudging, so as always, seeing the judge’s reaction and then what the contestants say to me is some solid insight. I’m fairly new to this aspect of cosplay (I only just check it out at shows), so getting the curtain lifted a bit is always fun to see.

I think the episode especially shows off the ambition some have, and how it can get ahead of the actual execution. The overall winner is predictable once you see it on stage, but as usual, some of our folks win, and some of them lose. Another solid episode, especially for folks interested in cosplay.

Overall Score: 7.25


  • Turns out most of the dragon age pieces were commissioned or made by someone else. For sure the most eye catching parts were confirmed by the actual makers, Double Monocle Cosplay. And if they lied about the bigger things, that throws it all into question.