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Days of Future Past Crosses $600 Million, Edge of Tomorrow Stumbles

days of future past movie posterThere was some good and some bad when it came to comic book movies at the box office this past weekend.

X-Men: Days of Future Past dropped 55 percent and earned an estimated $14.7 million. The movie’s 17-day total is now about $189.1 million. At the international market, the film grossed $42.1 million over the weekend. In China, it added $7.5 million and passed $100 million total. Overall, the movie has earned $421 million overseas and $610 million worldwide. It will probably reach the $700 million mark when it’s over.

Domestically, the film ranks third for X-Men films, but fifth when you adjust it for inflation. Worldwide, the film is in first not adjusted.

edge of tomorrowThe new “comic film” Edge of Tomorrow stumbled in its first week, even with good reviews. The movie is based on the Japanese book All You Need is Kill, which is also adapted as a graphic novel. The film came in third for the weekend with an estimated $29.1 million.

Edge‘s audience was 61 percent male and 73 percent over the age of 25. Showings in 3D accounted for 47 percent of ticket sales, while IMAX delivered $4.2 million.

The film is currently around 89 percent on Rotten tomatoes and a decent B+ CinemaScore.

Overseas, the film earned $82 million, which includes $25 million in the China debut, the largest ever opening for Tom Cruise in the country. In South Korea, it earned $16.6 million, and $8.6 million in Russia, $3.2 million in France, $3.1 million in Mexico, and $2.8 million in Australia. The film opens in Japan July 4th.



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