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TV Review: Heroes of Cosplay Episode #1.8 Ottawa Pop Expo

pKsnTQ8ycvg.market_maxresHeroes of Cosplay second episode sends the group to compete at the Ottawa Pop Expo. This is a big show as it uses the International Costumers Guild Guidelines…. which I didn’t know even existed.

The stakes are clearly high, and everyone is freaking out about it. I can’t think of an episode where so many of the individuals were so unsure of themselves. It’s interesting to see how everyone handles the pressure to come up with an awesome costume.

Compared to the season debut episode, this one is full of chaos with folks scrambling to finish their costumes, and some not even sure they’re going to make it. You can feel their tenseness oozing from the television.

As usual, the episode hinges on the fun of watching the cosplay be put together from beginning to end. The end awards as always is a toss up as far as who wins, and who doesn’t. It’s great to see our “characters” not win all the time, it adds to the show greatly. As expected, the episode is pretty tame, but fun. If you’re into costumes and cosplay, this is a series for you.

Overall Score: 7

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