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Diamond and Trajectory’s Global Digital Comic Deal

Diamond Distributors today announced a deal with Trajectory Inc. that would bring “printed comics into digital marketplaces around the world.” Trajectory will produce the digital comics in its Beijing facility and distribute the digital editions through eBook retailers, libraries, and school distributors on six continents.

Trajectory allows publishers to upload their files, and designate where they would like their digital comics distributed.

This is the second time Diamond has dipped their toes into the digital comics market. In 2012, Diamond launched Diamond Digital, a platform they launched with iVerse Media. That service closed down about two years later.

The highest profile project that I found so far by Trajectory is a Classics Illustrated app. You can see from the statistics below that hasn’t exactly broken through as far as downloads, or sales. Below are the apps gross statistics for the iPad (top) and iPhone below that.

Interestingly Trajectory Inc had originally created that Classics Illustrated App, offering it on numerous digital platforms in 2012. About a year later, Trajectory had entered a deal with comiXology to provide those Classics Illustrated books on their digital platform.

ipad_gross iphone_grossing

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