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Original Sin: Secret Avengers #1 Hits Digital Devices Today!

Today sees the launch of Original Sin: Secret Avengers #1 Infinite Comic. Spinning directly out of the events of today’s Original Sin #2, creators Ales Kot, Mast & Geoffo, and Ryan Kelly bring fans the first chapter in a must-read 2-part story about young Nick Fury that will have Earth-shattering repercussions for the Secret Avengers!

Back before he joined the Secret Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury disobeyed a direct order. And now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, his past is about to come back to haunt him. A target he failed to eliminate has returned, and the threat it represented is greater than ever. Now, Fury & Agent Coulson must reach the target before even more damage can be done. Or before Hydra and the Chameleon get there first…

You can get this comic in one of three ways:

  1. Free with redemption of a code found in print copies of Original Sin #2
  1. Free with purchase of the digital copy of Original Sin #2 on the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop
  1. Available for $1.99, also on the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop


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