Hot Toys continues to roll out there 1/6th scale figures from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After debuting the titular hero, they crank things up to 11 with their next offering……. Rhino.


Take my little hand


Those details








The design is certainly more mech in the film than “guy in grey-skinned suit from the comics“. While I’m not sold on the idea of the character piloting a mech to fight Spider-man (just doesn’t seem like the Rhino), I do like the look of this figure. Side note, I really love mechs! The figure is HUGE and the detailing looks amazing. I especially love the welds around the head to create the sharp angles of the beak. There are some Russian decos on the suit too that are apparently added by Aleksei during the film. We were told that Rhino is more of a cameo in ASM2 and will probably return for part 3 and/or the Sinister Six film. So if you want to assemble a 1/6th scale Sinister Six, Rhino will be a must buy.

The figure doesn’t have an exact release date or price yet but if I would hazard a gues I’d say Fall this year and somewhere in $400-$500 price range.


I’m gonna need a bigger web


Get him Spidey