Bring Darth Vader home and join the dark side.

Today Gentle Giant Studios showed off a new Star Wars release arriving in our galaxy early next year. You’re not reading the scale wrong, it really is almost 7 FEET TALL.

The item’s official name is the Darth Vader Life Size Vintage Monument. Inspired by the classic Kenner figures of old and measures in at 6’ 9”. The “figure” was created using a digital scan taken of a Kenner Darth Vader figure. Life size Lord Vader features the same articulation, a re-scaled vinyl cape, and extending lightsaber of the original.

At a price point of $2600 and a “Limited Edition” run, this guy isn’t for everyone. If you have the means (and the space) for this amazing figure, Darth Vader Life Size Vintage Monument from Gentle Giant Studios will be available Q1 of 2015 and is open for pre-order now at