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Anti Bullying Anthology Reminds You Are Not Alone

YANA_Cover1A-323x500Last year GrayHaven Comics decided to create their most important project to date. The result was You Are Not Alone, a 180 page anthology that covers many of the issues youth face today including bullying, depression, homophobia, racism, and violence.

Over 60 talented writers and artists joined together to tell 3-5 page stories centered around these topics with messages of hope and tolerance. Andrew Goletz who put the project together was rewarded as Comic Creator of the Year by Geekadelphia for his work on this project.

After a successful Kickstart project last year the books have finally gone out to backers and school and youth organizations interested in carrying copies of the book for those who would gain the most use out of it.

The book is now available on the GrayHaven website for anyone to purchase.

GrayHaven is in the process of working on a follow up book and hope to continue to release many more of these as demand warrants.

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