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DriveThru Comics on Being DRM Free Since 2005

With all the comics blogosphere abuzz about Image‘s decision to go DRM free, we reached out to DriveThru Comics for a statement. The digital comics platform has been DRM free, and offering publishers that option for almost a decade.

Matt McElroy who works for the company had this to say.

It is true that we’ve been DRM free since 2005 and while we do offer publishers an optional watermarking service for their PDF files, it is not a requirement and publishers can choose whether to use it or not as they see fit for their comics. Also, while PDF is still the most popular format on our site, we’ve carried CBZ, ePub and other formats if the publisher has those files available. We’re thrilled to work with publishers big and small and we have a special love for creator owned properties.

While Image might be the highest profile and biggest publisher to date, many others, including DriveThru have been pioneering for years when it comes to this.

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