Fábio Moon And Gabriel Bá Address Brazil Protests

Two of my favorite comic creators are Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. The twins’ work is amazing and heartfelt. Everything that I’ve read of theirs felt like it was written from their own experiences and personal emotions. Works like De: Tales and Daytripper are modern classics in my mind. The brothers are from  São Paolo, Brazil, the latest country to see protests from its citizens who feel victimized by their elected leaders. Brazil has played a role in the their stories so it’s nice to see their commenting on recent events through their art.

In a post on their blog titled Every Right, the two let their art do the talking.


Last week, we saw our city (São Paulo) become what looked like a war zone, with the extreme violent police response to a public manifestation. Violence calls for more violence, and by the end of a very long thursday night many people were hurt for no good reason, wrongly arrested and terrorized by the police force. Add many acts of vandalism to the mix and suddenly you’ve lost sight of what people were there for in the first place: for their right to complain and express their opinions.


A new manifestation will happen this monday. My brother and I will be there as part of those who believe in peaceful, reasonable gathering. We believe in people’s right to have an opinion and we’ve turned our opinions, as usually happens, in stories.

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