Tax Evaders: The Video Game

Today, just in time for Tax Day, we are launching a new video game that let’s you blast corporate Tax Evaders! The game, a spin on the classic Space Invaders, pits you against corporations, like GE, Exxon, Verizon, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Google, Pfizer and Microsoft, who rake in billions, but pay no taxes. It’s the latest example of video games to educate and push a political agenda.

Why did this game happen? Because some of the largest, most powerful corporations actually pay less taxes than you or I. They aren’t just avoiding paying their fair share and leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab, their tax dodging schemes are are forcing us to make serious cuts to social security, health care, housing, education and all the basic services that keep our society running.

That hurts real people.

The launch of the game coincides with a series of ‘illuminated’ actions taking place across the country between now and April 15th, where, Light Brigades will be taking the message to the streets and to the very doorstep of these corporations, while mobile Guerilla Projection Teams will be projecting the game in public space for people to play outdoors and on the streets.

But, it’s not just a video game. Not only is it fun, entertaining and educational, but it actually allows you to blast these tax dodging corporations for reals using a “twitter bomb” feature.

Shockingly, the debate in Congress today is about cutting Social Security. The real question is why are we even discussing these cuts before going after the hundreds of billions that corporate Tax Evaders steal from our budget every year? A recent report reveals that we are losing nearly $100 Billion every year from corporate tax dodging.

We need to stop closing hospitals and schools, and start closing corporate loopholes!

Blast the corporate Tax Evaders!


The Tax Evaders game was concieved by NY Times bestselling author Gan Golan in collaboration with famed radical game designer Molleindustria, who also did the programming. The great retro 8bit pixel artwork was done by Jamogames with a catchy chiptunes soundscape by Ashton Morris.
You can play the game on the website where there are a lot more features, and actually blast corporate tax evaders for real using the “twitter bomb” which we gotta say, is damn cool.  On April 10, the video game made its public debut when guerilla projection groups in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Baltimore played it on the side of office buildings of real corporate tax evaders. You can see more here.
You can follow the ongoing actions happening in over 10 cities through Tax Day on twitter: #taxevaders
The Tax Evaders campaign has become a national effort including movement activists, game designers, tax policy researchers and campaign organizations. The project was made possible by the hard work of Citizen Engagement Lab, as well as The Other 98%,  The Yes Lab,  Citizens for Tax Justice and Public Interest Research Group.