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A K9 Doctor Who Christmas

k9Syfy has acquired U.S. broadcast rights to the 26-part Dr. Who spinoff K9 and will marathon the series in its entirety on Christmas Day — Tuesday, December 25 — from 10AM-11PM ET/PT. That means while you wait for the new Doctor Who Christmas Special, you can head to Syfy to check out this spinoff series.

K9 follows the adventures of the robotic canine created by British writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin and first seen in the original 1978 BBC TV series Doctor Who series. The show mixes live action with stunning CG and special effects and pits the robot dog K9 and his teenage friends against a number of human and alien adversaries. The new dog is voiced by the legendary John Leeson, who voiced the original K9 from the 1978 Doctor Whoseries.

Bob Baker has won a number of BAFTAs for his co-writing of the hugely successful Wallace and Gromit shorts and feature, and together with his business partner Paul Tams,created the new K9 series.

The show has its own Facebook page K9 official page and website where fans can find out facts be kept up to date with news and order exclusive merchandise. now available T Shirts, figurines etc.