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Pick of the Week – Thor: God of Thunder #3

Marvel NOW! has been a bit uneven. Most of the books have been nothing new or special, but there are a few exceptions, Thor: God of Thunder #3 being one of them. Jason Aaron‘s take on the God has been fantastic in the first two issues. So unbelievable in it’s look at Thor’s battle with a god-killer over three ages. Add in art by Esad Ribic and you can see why this book is amazing. An absolutely buy.

  • Thor: God of Thunder #3 – see above
  • Bravest Warriors #3 – Considering each issue I laugh out loud and can’t wait to see what the next twisted tale is, is a perfect reason this book is on the list.
  • Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #2 – Short stories surrounding one of the freshest comics to come out this year.
  • Dames in the Atomic Age Vol. 1 – Noir with ray guns? Yes please!
  • Joe Palooka #1 – I’m a mixed martial arts fan. It’s kind of hard for this to not be on my pick list.