Pick of the Week – Hellboy in Hell #1

This week’s pick is the return of Hellboy! Dark Horse launches a new Mike Mignola mini-series, Hellboy in Hell #1 which sees the big red guy deal with death and what comes after. I have no idea what came before, I just picked up the comic and dove right in and boy is it fun and entertaining and I want to see so much more. The story is great but Mignola pulls off his usual amazing art as well. If you’re a Hellboy fan or just a casual reader, absolutely check out Hellboy in Hell #1.

  • Hellboy in Hell #1 – See above
  • All-New X-Men #3 – The absolute best of the Marvel NOW! launch has the original X-Men in the modern day and things are about to ramp up.
  • BlackAcre #1 and I Love Trouble #1 – Image has had hit after hit after hit this year and I expect no less from these two series which takes on the sci-fi genre as well as superheroes.
  • Stumptown Vol. 2 #4 – I have absolutely no idea where writer Greg Rucka will take this series next. It’s been an interesting, and somewhat muted ride. It also features one of the best female leads in comics.
  • Avengers #1 and Thunderbolts #1 – Two more first issues from Marvel NOW!. Overall, the relaunch/revamp/reboot has been a disappointment, but these two have a lot of potential. How can you not have high hopes for an Avengers team and that Thunderbolts line-up is amazing. It’ll be interesting to see where both these series go to stand out.
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