Updated: A Good Night for Politician Comic Geeks. The Commander in Geek Reelected!

It was a good night for politicians who are fans of comic books. Earlier we reported that Alan Grayson will be returning to Congress, having won in Florida and it seems everyone has called it for President Barack Obama to have another four more years in the White House. Gov. Romney though hasn’t conceded the election yet.

President Obama is an admitted geek, and more specifically a comic book geek. The President has admitted reading Spider-Man and Conan comic books and through various actions the man clearly appreciates sci-fi and fantasy.

Update: Democrat Colleen M. Lachowicz who was attacked by her opponent and Republicans for playing World of Warcraft also looks to be poised for victory. As of 1am she was up by 1,303 votes in the race for Martin’s Senate District 25 seat.

Update 2: Lachowicz beat Republican incumbent Thomas H. Martin Jr. by 913 votes.

That’s three for three for us geeks in this year’s election!