New York Comic Con 2012 – New Gen Open Film Casting and Costume Contest

New York-based A.P.N.G. Enterprises announced their return to this year’s New York Comic Con by promoting their live action feature film NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising with two substantial initiatives:

  • The launching of an international open casting call to find three lead actors for the upcoming film
  • A Cosplay Costume Contest in which one lucky winner will receive a two week paid internship with A.P.N.G. assisting the lead costume designer and property master for the upcoming film

At the New York convention A.P.N.G. will also be releasing NEW-GEN: New Dawn Issue #2 – the latest installment of their 5-part comic series printed and distributed by Marvel.


While casting is occurring with A-list actors for the main co-starring roles, Director J.D. Matonti plans to discover unknowns for the film’s two 18 year old identical twin male leads, Chris and Sean.

  The third lead being cast is for the 20 year old female Carmen – whose character acts as a guide to the twins in their epic battle against the evil Deadalus.

J.D. Matonti does have one or two actresses in mind for the role, but he’s leaving options open to see what up-and-coming talent he’ll meet during casting.

The open casting is set to take place during the Comic Con convention on stage at the NEW-GEN booth (#1628) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1-3PM. Interested actors and actresses will be asked to read a script in front of the producers and director.

To set up an audition appointment or for information how to gain access to the show, please contact the Press Department for A.P.N.G. Enterprises at

A nationwide tour will continue in November and December for this casting search.

NEW-GEN partial character listing & imagery


NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising is the epic story of twin brothers, Chris and Sean, who have extraordinary abilities which have made them outcasts on their adopted home planet Earth. Living in New York and trying to suppress their powers, the twins, with the guidance from their friend Carmen, come to realize their true origin is in New-Gen, a Utopian world that exists in another dimension.  For generations on New-Gen, humans, strange creatures and robots lived harmoniously, side-by-side working together for peace.

But now, a battle has erupted on New-Gen, focused around the use of advanced nanotechnology. Two superhuman scientists are ensconced in a war: Gabriel, the former guardian of the twins and founder of New-Gen, and Deadalus, a despot capable of transforming entire dimensions into nightmarish landscapes. The twins and their friend find themselves on the front lines of a Nanotech War which could destroy both Earth and New-Gen. With their friend Carmen’s help, they unleash their spectacular powers and fight to bring an end to the war and to Deadalus.

NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising is directed by J.D. Matonti, executive produced by Julia Coppola and produced by Chris Matonti. The film is based on the New-Gen comic book series distributed by Marvel and created by the Matonti brothers and Julia Coppola.


NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING takes the viewer through the world of present day New York City as well as the alternate world of New-Gen. To help bring this creative vision to life, A.P.N.G. is hosting a Cosplay Costume Contest on Saturday, October 13 at 4:30PM. The contest will be open to anyone creating a cosplay of an outfit or prop from any main story character. (Click here to view a complete listing of NEW-GEN characters.)

“New-Gen is a unique, Utopian world filled with a varied menagerie of sentient creatures such as minotaurs, gazelles, robots and of course humans.This makes bringing characters to life super interesting as a filmmaker.In our comic book series, we’ve crafted a wide variety of looks for costumes and characters. For the film I’ve storyboarded how we plan to bring them to life, but I really want to include input from the cosplayers. We started as a comic book and I believe the huge cosplay community should be given the chance to have their work showcased on screen as they’re adept at taking 2D drawings and bringing them to life. I want to offer them a chance to work on our film, mentored by our costume designer and property master,” J.D. Matonti states.

The winner of the Cosplay Costume Contest will receive an internship on the film during pre-production with the costume designer and property master to experience real-world movie effects.

“I’m also open to potentially using their cosplay design in the movie. Who knows, I’ve seen amazing work out of the cosplay community over the years at Comic Con. I anticipate some great creations,” Matonti continued.

For those not in attendance at the convention, they can submit an entry via video or photo as long as it’s received by October 12, 2012 at 6PM Eastern. For questions or additional submission information, please contact the Marketing Department for A.P.N.G. Enterprises at

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