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Pick of the Week – The Massive #3

Brian Wood‘s The Massive is a mix of environmental disaster, political message and mystery is brilliant in every sense. The series follows the crew of a boat post ecological disaster that has devastated the world. While they try to figure out the “why” as far as the change in the environment, they’re also looking for their lost sister ship while trying to survive. This series has a message while not shoving it down our throats and it’s packaged in a thriller with an intense vibe that makes you not only want to turn the next page, but fear doing so. It’s almost a psychological thriller in a way with it’s use of pacing and how it keeps the tension throughout. If this were a movie, my jaw would be clenched and I’d be grinding my teeth. This is an absolute must read and why I’m making The Massive #3 my pick for the week.

  • The Massive #3 – see above
  • Right State – A thriller surrounding an assassination attempt on a President, yes please!
  • The Strain #7 – The brilliant and exciting Dark Horse vampire series.
  • Idolized #1 – Super heroes meet American Idol in this fantastic start to Aspen’s new series.
  • Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #5 – I love this Archaia fantasy series staring mice with swords…