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Flashback: The Warriors Debuts to Violence and Death

With news of the needless deaths and injuries this early morning at The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t help but think about violence at another movie’s debut, The Warriors, which later became a comic book and video games. Doing some digging, the movie not only caused violence but also lead to the death of three individuals, “triggered by the film.”

“If someone comes to a movie with a gun, who’s at fault?” asks Warriors’ film editor David Holden. Someone did just that at a drive-in showing on the night of February 12 in Palm Springs, Calif. and killed a teenager. Some 165 miles away, on the same night, an 18-year-old bled to death in a darkened theater in Oxnard, Calif. after being knifed by an unruly gang. And three nights later a Boston high school student was murdered outside a subway station, allegedly by two young men who had just come from the film.

This lead to the movie distributor to offer to pay for increased security for movie theaters, a few took them up on that.

People Magazine has a great archived article going over some of what happened.

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