Pick of the Week – Captain Marvel #1

Ms. Marvel is now Captain Marvel and in a way becomes the highest profile female character in Marvel comics, she’s the only one sporting her own comic. On principle I think diversity is a good thing to support, so I’m speaking with my wallet this week and picking up a copy of Captain Marvel #1. Here’s hoping it’s good enough that I’ll want to grab the second issue two.

  • Captain Marvel #1 – see above
  • The Activity #7 – This issue about a special ops team is written by actual Navy Seals. I read it, and it’s a solid read.
  • Extermination #2 – I enjoyed the first issue of this BOOM! series that’s a Mad Max/Post-Watchmen mash-up.
  • Daredevil #15 – Writer Mark Waid and this series picked up Eisners this weekend. Not too late to jump on and catch up.
  • Saga #5 – This sci-fi epic has been amazing with each issue and this one had moments that caused my jaw to drop.
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