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Viper Comics Giving Away World War Hack for Free for 24 Hours

FREE Full Graphic Novel For 24 Hours!

Viper Comics is proud to announce that on June 8, 2012 beginning at 12:01AM and ending at 11:59PM we will be giving away the full graphic novel of World War Hack to help kick off the digital edition on Apple iBooks.  That’s right, it’s not a typo, you heard it correctly, the full graphic novel for World War Hack will be available in its entirety for one full day, so get your copy hot off the digital press.      

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“From a story and dialogue perspective WORLD WAR HACK is perfect. Bull knows pacing and dialogue.”Ain’t It Cool News

World War Hack Cover

“Having been to one of these Hack events, I can see how this might just work…” –
Horace Dediu of
“I’m finally starting to get graphic novels and this is a good one.”David Sparks of
“I would brush this off as a fanciful story, but know that events like this transpire every day…”Ben Erickson of

 “I haven’t enjoyed a story about hacking and the threat of world war since War Games. World War Hack enters you into the world of black hats and white hats in a tale of espionage and the true life global game of cyber warfare.”

-Brett Schenker, Graphic

World War Hack  

Written by Ethan Bull | Art by Tsubasa Yozora |  Edited by Gwendolyn Borgen

Inspired by true events, World War Hack tells the story of how the U.S. Government gathers top computer hackers from around the country, under the guise of a competition, to unknowingly help solve a pressing national security crisis. Little does the government know that eighteen-year-old hacker, Wyatt Dyer, is both the cause and solution to their crisis.
Retail: $7.95 | 72 pages | ISBN 978-0-9833670-8-6 | Diamond Order Code: MAR121238

 Book is available for order from: Diamond Comics Dist., Ingram Books,  

and Baker & Taylor.