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It was a gay ole time in comic book news… bad pun?  If you missed it, we had an awesome radio show last night, that’ll be up later today, along with so much more.

Around the Blogs:

ABC 6 – NY suit over ‘Spider-Man’ musical airs in courtWill this get as much coverage as all of the accidents?

Arts Beat – Lawyers in ‘Spider-Man’ Battle Spin Their Early Arguments – The answer is yes.

Bleeding Cool – And Finally… Okay, So This Must Be The First Mainstream Gay Kiss In Comics…A nice chunk of history.

Bleeding Cool – So What Was The First Mainstream Gay Kiss In Comics Anyway?This too.

The Mary Sue – Things We Saw Today: DC’s Newly Gay Character Looks Like Someone We’ve Met BeforeHmmm…

The Beat – Robert Downey Jr wanted Bill Murray to be in Iron ManI wonder what for?

Bleeding Cool – Gay Comics Boom In Taiwan – This is the new marketing thing… like Obama was…


Around the Tubes Reviews:

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CBR – Animal Man Annual #1

Comicsgirl – Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 2

Sik Chic – The Battle Of Saragarhi: The Last Stand Of The 36th Sikh Regiment

Geeks 0f Doom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8: Library Edition Volume 1 HC

IGN – Spider-Men #1

The Beat – Spider-Men #1