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Pick of the Week – America’s Got Powers #2

In the extra week, there’s quite a few solid choices of books to pick up and at the top for me is America’s Got Powers #2.  The series reminds me of The Hunger Games, a popular series that still hasn’t seen a comic adaptation.  Well, even with publishers dropping the ball on that, we’ve got this substitute which has super powered teenagers battling it out for a spot on a team in front of television audiences.  The first issue was solid, and I expect nothing less from the second issue.

  • America’s Got Powers #2 – see above
  • World War Hack – I read this graphic novel from Viper Comics and it’s good.  Really good.  Someone has hacked the US Government and they turn to some of the best hackers to figure out the how.  A very possible scenario that’s chilling in how likely it is to happen.
  • Channel Zero – Brian Wood’s series is collected by Dark Horse and it’s fantastic.
  • Rachel Rising #8 – A female centered horror series that deserves WAY more coverage than it’s getting.
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise #5 – IDW’s series is fantastic.  Just love it!
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