Pick of the Week – Play Ball

Baseball season has begun and it’s appropriate that Play Ball hits the shelves.  The graphic novel takes a spin and follows a young girl as she wants to play on a boys baseball team and the hurdles she must overcome to do so.  The graphic novel by Oni Press comes out after Women’s History Month, which it would have fit more appropriately.  Either way, the story is entertaining for teens, especially for teen girls and has a great story without overdoing the sap.  If you’re a baseball fan or want something you can have your children read, it’s a great pick-up.

  • Play Ball – see above
  • I’m Not a Plastic Bag – A silent graphic novel that focuses on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • Popeye #1 – It’s Popeye!  How can I not be excited for this?
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise #4 – IDW’s Transformers series has been fantastic and each month I look forward to all three series.
  • Merciless Rise of Ming #1 – I’m a fan of Flash Gordon, so sign me up to see how Ming got to be the ruler he is.