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Preview – Villains #1

Villains #1

Earthbound is moving quickly into spring with the newest book in our One Book a Month Initiative.

The term superhero has been one questioned by creators and audiences in the past few years. The lines between good and evil have blurred in both the real world and the literature that shapes and comments on it.

Ethan Slayton’s Villains asks questions about right and wrong that dig deeper than the everyday battle of white and black hats.

Villains is about taking the law into your own hands when all else fails and looks completely bleak. How might one act when their back is against the wall? What separates a Hero from a Villain?

Earthbound Comics is honored to release Slayton’s story into the world with the Villain’s One Shot. The book is written by Slayton with art and inks by our own Ben Ferrari (Longhunters, Souverain), and letters by new Earthbound wunderkind Phil Wrede.

Villain’s One Shot is now available, along with all our titles, at

Earthbound Comics is a company dedicated to putting out and promoting quality comics from a variety of creators. We’ve chosen to bypass the traditional Direct Market method, in favor of a POD (print on demand) model, because we feel that that by cutting out the financial hurdles of the direct market, we can focus more on CREATING COMICS instead of financing them.

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