Pick of the Week – Dead Man’s Run #1

I really liked the the zero issue of Dead Man’s Run and I’ve read the first issue.  It’s very cool and fascinating and so much going on.  Hell is the world’s greatest prison and some folks are going to break out.  If that doesn’t interest you, not sure what will.  The art is cool, pacing is great and so much going on that it kept my interest all the way through and made me want to check out more.  A great series from Aspen Comics.

  • Dead Man’s Run #1 – see above
  • Voltron #2 – The first issue was solid and I expect the second to be the same.  Voltron is back!
  • Wasteland #33 – For $1 how can you not pick this up!?  The post apocalyptic series from Oni is going monthly with a new artist and it looks pretty damn cool.
  • Uncanny X-Force #20 – The best “X” book on the market and one of the best Marvel puts out.
  • Chew #23 – Consistently has me laughing, this issue is twisted in all of the right ways.