Pick of the Week – Aquaman #4

It says a lot that a character who at one point was a punchline is now one of the best comics DC is putting out.  This year’s relaunch was an attempt to invigorate a sagging line of comics, and it’s seen mixed results.  I will say Aquaman is one of the characters and series that’s benefited the most out of it all.  With amazing art, story and writing that keeps me interested, it’s a comic that I look forward to reading each month.

  • Aquaman #4 – see above
  • I, Vampire #4 – Vampires in the DC universe?  The mood and tone wouldn’t of fit a year ago, but Joshua Hale Fialkov has put together one of the most fascinating comics to come out of the new 52.
  • DMZ #72 – Brian Wood has put together one of the most politically relevant comics of the last decade.
  • The Cape #3 – The comic is full of holy shit moments.
  • Avengers: Children’s Crusade #8 – Reading the first issue you know it was leading to the Avengers and X-Men squaring off.  This limited series that’s been plagued by lateness will lead up directly into the next big Marvel event.