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Geeky Gifts – Think Geek Edition

Many of you will be scrambling today and tomorrow for last minute gifts for the holidays, so I thought some inspiration might help you out.  Below are some cool comic book related items you can find at Think Geek (but likely can get at local shops).

Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies

This tiny superheroes from tokidoki are perfect to attach to your cell phone, portable game counsel or zippers.  I actually grabbed a few a few weekends ago at Urban Outfitters and is a great stocking stuffer at $5.99.  All you get is a cube, so you have no idea which one you’ll actually receive, which just made me want to buy more.  There’s 20 different Marvel superheroes and supervillains to collect in this nice little item.

Price: $5.99

Marvel Superheoe Hoodies

A buddy of mine wore one of these when we went to a bar to watch the last UFC PPV.  He became rather popular in his Captain America hoodie.  There’s a few different types available include two different Spider-Man and a Captain America one.  The fact that he got that much attention made me want to rush out a grab one.  Everyone digs a superhero is the lesson of that story.  Even better, ThinkGeek has them on sale for $34.99.

Price: $34.99

DC Comics Shot Glasses

Shots! Shots! Shots!  What better way to drink during a round of games than with these 6 DC comics shot glasses.  The set includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, the Flash and Green Lantern.  As the picture shows, these are perfect for a game of quarters….

I’m pretty sure a few of those folks got their powers while drinking.

Price: $17.99

Comic Book Photo Frame

This is pretty cool and I’d get this in an instant.  Spruce up your boring picture frames with ones that allows you to turn your photos into a page from a comic book.  The frame comes with 45 stickers so you can add speech bubbles.  A pretty creative and fun item.

Price: $19.99

Marvel and DC Pint Glasses

I like to drink, but these 16 ounce glasses can be used for your favorite beverage no matter what that is.  There’s quite a few to choose from sporting both DC and Marvel characters.

At conventions, I’ve been picking up the Toon Tumblers myself, building up a nice geek drinking collection.

You can choose from Marvel or DC.

Price: $9.99

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