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Pick of the Week – Heart #2

Heart #2, the mixed martial arts comic by Blair Butler is beyond fantastic.  The focus stays on the people inside the ring and what drives them to do what they do.  But, it’s more than just the character development and MMA action that make this a must read, it’s also the numerous small details Butler adds throughout the comic.  The type of fighting styles each fighter has, their entrance music, it’s all detailed in this behind the scenes look at the scene.  This is a comic for MMA and comic book fans alike.

  • Heart #2 – see above
  • The Last of the Greats #3 – Joshua Hale Fialkov’s comic about a being who is the last of his kind and may be a villain or savior of humankind keeps you on your toes. This entire series is out there.
  • Avenging Spider-Man #2 – I loved the first issue.  Beyond fantastic.
  • Voltron #1 – I grew up in the 80’s, nuff said. I’ve been pumped for this since it was announced.
  • Cold War #3 – Read it, just fantastic.
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