The Legion of Super Committee

Prolific comic book writer Chris Roberson talks about the Congressional super committee that’s been formed and compares it to various super hero teams of past and present.  The super committee is made of twelve members from both political parties and bother the House and Senate and are tasked with cutting $1.2 trillion from the federal budget.  The comparison is hilarious for a political geek such as myself and knowing a few of the committee members, they’d enjoy it as well.

When Roberson hear the word “super” he thinks of the heroes he grew up with reading and doesn’t think the committee is living up to it’s name:

It’s not faster than a speeding amendment or more powerful than a filibuster, and it doesn’t soar over gridlock. Instead, the super committee seems as helpless as Superman when he’s been rendered powerless by a blast of red sun radiation, or worse yet, kryptonite.

Listen to Roberson’s entire thoughts on “Marketplace“.

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