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Newsstand Flaws Become Apparent – 2 Comics for the Price of One

Following‘s announcement of hopping on the Newsstand wave with the release of iOS5 for Apple products we released an article calling into question the new digital news stand.  The function available for Apple products brings subscription services to users.  The general process has the user purchasing the app, which gives you the latest issue, then each month the user is charged, regardless if a new issue is released.

Questions were raised by me as to what happens if a publisher were to skip a month, but also how this is possibly a bum deal for publishers if they were to double ship in a month.  It’s now apparent, publishers can really get screwed by unscrupulous users whether or not they double ship.  There’s a flaw in the process that allows you to get two issues (or more) for the price of one.  Here’s how:

  1. Purchase the app a bit before a new issue is released – The apps usually run $1.99 to $2.99
  2. The app purchase gives you the latest issue (the month’s before)
  3. The release day comes and you get the latest issue
  4. Cancel the subscription before you’re charged again.
  5. Profit…. er….

Really I should of thought of this before, but while working through how Marvel double shipping comics in 2012 would function in this sort of environment.  The answer is, if Marvel had Newsstand subscriptions you’d get not two issues for the price of one, but three.  For those saying I’m wrong in this, it’s been done already and verified.

Have fun folks and don’t say we never gave you anything….

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