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Comikaze Expo Presents the First Ever “After Hours” Live Table Read by’s Acclaimed Cast and Writers
Leading Digital Entertainment Brand to Present Three Exclusive Panel Events at Cutting-Edge Pop Culture Expo With Strong Focus on Comics, Horror, Sci-Fi, Anime and Gaming
Los Angeles, Calif., (September 2011) – Comikaze Expo, the largest multimedia pop culture, comic book, horror, anime and gaming convention in California, has announced it will host a series of panel events with award-winning online entertainment destination, including the first ever public table read by the cast and creators of the hit web series “After Hours.” This premiere experience is just one of many exciting panels and crazy events that Comikaze has lined up for this one-of-a-kind expo taking place on November 5-6, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.’s “After Hours” cast and crew, including Jack O’Brien, Daniel O’Brien, Michael Swaim, Soren Bowie, Katie Willert, Cody Johnston and director Justin Viar, invite members to experience and participate in “The Making of ‘After Hours:’ How a Conversation Becomes an Episode.” Mixing pop culture observations, limitless non sequiturs and weigh-in from the crowd, the evening will result in an inside look at series development, a screening of a not-yet-released episode and live commentary from the Cracked team.
In addition to this exciting After Hours panel, the team will be joined by members from three up-and-coming comedy troupes to host the panel “Comedy Troupes Are the New Rock Stars.” For kids growing up in the 70s and 80s, starting a garage band was the “cool” thing to do. Today, the successes of comedy ensembles including Lonely Island and Derrick Comedy have made comedy troupes the single most important creative collective. The “Comedy Troupes Are the New Rock Stars” panel will discuss how comedy ensembles are shaping culture and pushing the boundaries of the entertainment industry.
To complete their stunning trifecta at Comikaze, the team will bring their entertaining pop culture commentary to the stage with a performance of the sketch comedy showcase “Cracked LIVE: The 6 Most Bafflingly Hilarious Things Happening in Front of You (Right Now)!” Cracked LIVE! features performances by fan-favorite personalities, short comedy skits, stand-up, and completely tolerable amounts of music.
Comikaze Expo is thrilled to host Cracked’s team of culture pundits – and the feeling is mutual. “I’m thrilled to be such a big part of Comikaze this year, most especially because they’re letting us do whatever we darn well want to,” said Michael Swaim, head of video, “It’s an ethos I know the fans appreciate, and we certainly do, too. I can’t wait to show LA’s comic and pop culture fans all the weird wonders we’ve got lying in wait.”

Others from After Hours were equally enthusiastic. “Finally, I’ll have a place in Los Angeles where I can talk incessantly about comics and nerd stuff without bothering the staff at Hi De Ho Comics,” said Dan O’Brien, senior writer, “I can’t wait to spend an entire weekend briefly celebrating Cracked and then passionately arguing about whether or not Miles Morales will make a good Spider-man.” Soren Bowie, editor/columnist, added, “Following this, Thanksgiving will almost certainly be a letdown. And I love Thanksgiving.”

The first and only multimedia, cross-genre expo to hit Los Angeles, Comikaze Expo has created a pop culture extravaganza that brings together the best in comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime and all other cult programming. Its wide-ranging appeal has attracted celebrity appearances from icons and budding artists of this exciting world, including animators, comic book and anime artists, special effects teams, writers, actors, and filmmakers, among other creators, from both the mainstream and geek worlds.

Comikaze’s creators expect 60,000 attendees and more than 300 vendors. The show will kick off with appearances by the father of modern comics, Stan Lee, and Comikaze’s official “Spooksperson,” horror icon Elvira, at the event’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This unparalleled event’s wide range of innovative programming and activities provide fans access to their favorite artists and creators. From independent film screenings, live shows and star-studded panels to fan contests, games, portfolio reviews and a masquerade ball, there is something for everyone and more at Comikaze. Family-oriented events are scheduled for Sunday, November 6.

In an effort to make Comikaze accessible and affordable for everyone, tickets are only $12 each, and children under 12 are FREE. Each ticket holder will receive their choice of a celebrity lithograph photo valued at $79-$189. For more information about Comikaze, including sponsorship information, vendor applications and ticket sales, visit
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About Comikaze
Comikaze Expo is the largest multimedia pop culture convention in Los Angeles. The brainchild of Southern California siblings, Regina and Mario Carpinelli, this unique event brings together the best in comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime and all other cult programming. Comikaze takes place November 5-6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and offers a slate of innovative programming, panels, contests and other activities that provide fans access to their favorite artists and creators in this adventure-packed weekend. Featured appearances include the father of modern comics, Stan Lee, and Comikaze’s official “spooksperson,” horror icon Elvira, in her final convention appearance. For more information, visit

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