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Pick of the Week – Stormwatch #1

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It could be easy to lump in all of the new DC comics in as picks of the week, but in reality there’s some I’m more excited for than others.  While there’s some higher profile releases coming from DC this week, I’m going to go with Stormwatch #1 as the book to watch out for.  Hints have been going around that the mysterious character at the end of Flashpoint will lead into the next big DC event and that Stormwatch will play a key role in that.  Also, out of all of the Wildstorm series being folded into the DC universe this one will most push the edge as far as what DC will cover and how modern their books will be.  We’ll see how this one goes.  It’ll either be a pillar like Justice League or crash in flames.

  • Stormwatch #1 – See above
  • Moon Knight #5 – Brian Michael Bendis has breathed life into the series and character focusing on his mental issues, but throwing him into a solid story right away.  The art by Alex Maleev helps too.
  • Mega Man #5 – I loved the first story arc and fascinated to see what the second holds. Perfect for kids and nostalgic adults.
  • The Punisher #3 – Greg Rucka can do crime comics.  Throw in the Punisher and you’ve got a fantastic series.
  • Atomic Robo: Ghost Station X #1 – I read it and loved it.  Pulp fun for adults and kids alike.