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Pick of the Week – Critical Millennium #4

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I could begin with the awesome that is writer Drew Gaska, but whether I personally like the creative team doesn’t mean much when it comes to what you should spend your money on.  Instead I can vouch that Critical Millennium #4 which wraps the first volume of the series is fantastic.  The art continues to be amazing, and the story is top notch as well.  The series is about man’s attempt to escape our dieing planet and colonize a planet.  But, with terrorism, political intrigue and a lot of commentary on society, the series does what some of the best sci-fi does, discuss the current political client and world we live in.  If you don’t believe how much I like the series, you can wait for the trade paperback which features a quote by yours truly on the front.

  • Critical Millennium #4 – See above.
  • American Vampire #18 – Scott Snyder seems to be cleaning up with awards this year, and this comic is the main reason.
  • Kill Shakespeare #12 – I love this series and it’s sad to see the first volume come to the ending.  A comic that makes Shakespeare cool.
  • Bionic Man #1 – Kevin Smith revitalized The Green Hornet in comics and I have a feeling he’ll be doing the same for this series.  Hopefully it’s the same quality.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 – The classic series launches again and I’m so excited.
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