Announcing Graphic Policy Radio

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We hinted at a big announcement yesterday and today we’re ready to announce that Graphic Policy is hitting the radio.  We’ll be streaming on Blog Talk Radio every other Sunday from 8pm to 9pm EST.

Hosts will include Brett Schenker, Elana Levin and Kenneth Quinnell in a discussion of comic books and politics as well as guests that we can muster up.  So join us this Sunday, July 31, for Graphic Policy Radio: Politics and Comics of the Multiverses.

Brett Schenker is the founder of Graphic Policy and admitted geek.  When he’s not writing about comic books, movies and whatever else strikes his fancy, he’s a political consultant focused on new media and online strategy.  You can follow him at @bhschenker.

Elana Levin works for a labor union, lives in Brooklyn and is a survivor of local political campaigns. She tweets about comics as @elana_brooklyn and mostly reads comics about people who wear capes.

Kenneth Quinnell is a blogger and freelance writer from Florida who pays his bills by teaching college classes.  He’s open to pretty much any comics, but prefers Marvel comics and anything with zombies.  Follow him on Twitter at @quinnelk.