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Pick of the Week – Captain America #1

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This week the pick seems to be a no-brainer.  Marvel releases it’s pseudo Captain America reboot/relaunch with Ed Brubaker‘s Captain America #1.  His run with the character has been damn near flawless and is easily one of the best ever with the character.  This issue also sees Steve Rogers returning to the role of the living embodiment of the US and all it’s ideals.

  1. Captain America #1 – see above
  2. Flashpoint tie-ins – DC’s event has really invigorated the entire universe and in this other world setting there’s been very few issues that haven’t stood up.  Well worth the purchase.
  3. X-Men: Schism #1 – The big “X” shake up is here and after many months of lead up, we finally get to see what it’s all about and if Marvel can win back the summer event with this.
  4. Lady Mechanika #2 – It’s been too long since the first issue’s release, but I did love it alot.
  5. Mystery Men #3 – The Twelve is no where in site, so I’ll take what I can get in this series that seems to evoke a similar feel to it.