Pick of the Week – Flashpoint

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I think this column is going to turn into a broken record through August, but the pick of the week is definitely Flashpoint #3 and all of the related tie-ins.  DC comics has been knocking it out of the park with this event series, it’s accessible and entertaining, constantly keeping you on your toes.  There’s been very few duds as far as tie-ins which has also helped propel it as the top event of the summer.

  1. Flashpoint#3 and tie-ins – See above
  2. Mega Man #3 – The second issue was a bit face paced, but there’s a great nostalgic feel to the series that reminds me of the enjoyment I had playing the old NES game and watching the Saturday morning cartoon.
  3. Chew #19 – Consistently one of the best series out there.
  4. Supreme Power #2 – Realistic heroes and their political fallout, yes please!
  5. Indie comic books – Elric: Balance Lost #1, Vic Boone #1, G.I Joe #3, three examples of comic book series by publishers who you should be paying more attention to.
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